We are so glad you are here! When I (Holly) brought my twins home in July 2017, my diet really took a nose dive. The 4th trimester should be a time of healing and nourishing your body, especially when you are trying to breastfeed two babies! I was blessed by so many friends and family bringing me food, but pan after pan of brownies and cinnamon rolls left me even (more) tired and addicted to sugar.
There is one meal that sticks out in my mind: Beef slow cooked with roasted potatoes, carrots slathered in butter and seasoned to perfection, with a side of cream of vegetable soup. It was the best pot roast I have ever had. (Spoiler alert: Gabbi made this meal) I remember being SO hungry, and not only did this soup and pot roast filled me up, it just made me feel better.
I don't like food, I love it, and eating this meal felt like a big hug from your favorite grandparent. Fast forward a year, I am still busy and exhausted and found myself eating dino nuggets on top of a pre-packaged salad. It was the best I could do at that moment, but it left me wanting. I used to love meal planning and cooking but both were put on the back burner in this season of my life. I start scrolling through my phone and Gabbi is posting her insta-worthy, mouth watering meals. And the thing is, those pictures aren't just good lighting or the right filter. She is passionate about good food that heals the body and mind. She lives it. So we started talking.
What if we got that amazing food to new moms? What if we helped them get started with their 4th trimester with delicious pot roasts and nourishing soups and whole grains that supported their breast feeding journey? What about people who are recovering from surgery, or chemo treatments? What if we had a business that let us do something we love to do, and I could finally learn that pot roast recipe? 
Whether you are a mom expecting your first or fifth child, or maybe just want to bless someone in your life with some nourishment. Maybe you really want to jump start your journey to health. We know that food is a love language, and We are so excited to help spread the love!