Hey my friends! My name’s Gabbi. And my favorite thing to do is to cook food. There is literally nothing I love more than standing over a stove top, listening to really loud music, and making a crap ton of food. If I could do that everyday I’d be a really happy lady (or an italian grandmother).

Seven years ago I discovered that I had a really severe gluten allergy. So I’ve spent the past seven years learning how to make incredibly delicious gluten free food. Because that glass is half full!

I’ve learned how to make bone broth and keifer and gluten free, handmade ravioli. I’ve learned how to make homemade wine that tastes like nail polish remover. I’ve learned that chocolate and avocado is the perfect recipe for disappointment. And I’ve learned that food is an incredibly powerful force for healing tired, worn and depleted bodies.

I love the way food can bring us together. I love big meals with friends where we stay around the table and talk long after the food has left our plates. I love the process - the loving energy and hours put into preparing nourishing, traditional meals.

A few years ago I enrolled with the Nutritional Therapy Association and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner so that I could take this passion that I had for healing the body through food and turn it into way to help mothers and their families experience vibrant health.

This is my dream! To be able to combine my passion for cooking and love of nutrition and serve our Nourished Beginnings community! So thank you friends, thank you for believing in us and trusting us!

If you’re interested, you can learn more about my nutrition work on my personal website,



Hello! My name is Holly. I am mom to five beautiful, crazy, busy little people, and wife to my husband Andrew for 10 years now. I love food, parties and long tables with platters heaped full of food. I think in those moments, when people are sitting around a table laughing and filling their bellies next to people they love, we get a little preview of what heaven is going to be like. Over the last decade of my life my relationship with food has changed. From being a new wife at 19 and finding such joy in creating (and ruining) meals, to a busy mom with 5 small children, just begging everyone to eat their vegetables. I fell out of love with it. My twins were about 6 months old and I was getting serious food envy every time I opened instagram and saw Gabbi creating and sharing these amazing meals. I wondered if she would meal plan and grocery shop for me. Or maybe if I hung out with her I would get my mojo back in the kitchen. That turned into a coffee date and that turned into the business of getting amazing, local food to as many other families like mine as we can. You are welcome to find me on facebook and follow all the shenanigans that comes with raising 5 kids, staying happily (most of the time) married, starting a new business, leading MOPS and homeschooling,